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100% Approval, SURE

Students, housewives, self-employed, salaried – no matter where you live, you can get the SURE Credit Card. No minimum income or credit score required.

No Fees, SURE

Just like you, we hate Fees!
No Joining Fees. No Annual Fees.
No Rewards Redemption Fees.
No Hidden Fees Ever.

Rewards, SURE

Every time you spend you earn reward points. No exclusions, and no limits on how many points you can collect. Redeem the reward points for gift vouchers and more.

Interest Free, SURE

Get more out of your money by using our interest-free credit period. We will remind you to pay your bill in full, every month.

Privacy & Safety, SURE

We will not sell your data ever. We will not even track your purchase history in the name of fancy reports. There will be no pestering sales calls and upsells.

Fraud Protection, SURE

Paid for an order and didn’t get the product or service? Request a chargeback and we will deal with the fraudsters for you, returning the money to you.

Global Acceptance, SURE

Shop anywhere whether it is offline or online, India or abroad. SURE Credit Card will be accepted worldwide with zero forex charges.

Human Support, SURE

We will always have real people to help you over chat, email, or phone with a transparent escalation matrix. Any assurance will be in writing.

The story of SURE is a tale of passion, obsessive focus on being customer centric, the belief that every product is a relationship and an experience.

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Debunking Credit Card myths

In the past people used to think that a credit card is like a loan. But now you can also think of it as a postpaid service like your internet, electricity, and other utility bills. You consume the service first, a bill is raised every month, and then you pay the bill within the due date.

Consider a credit card to be a convenient service which combines and generates a single bill for all your purchases in a month. All you have to do is pay the credit card bill on time.

India has leapfrogged domestic payments with innovation in the form of UPI. We love UPI as much as you do.

However UPI is primarily designed for person-to-person payment and credit card is primarily designed for person-to-business payments. In most of the cases, once you do a transaction over UPI it cannot be reversed even if a fraudster tricked you. But credit cards offer chargeback mechanisms, where you can report fraudulent transactions or non delivery of service for upto 60 days and get your money back.

If you do 30 transactions over UPI, there will be 30 entries in your bank account. If you use a credit card you will get one statement with details of all transactions and one entry in your bank account for the total payment. Plus, you can make your credit card payment with UPI 🙂

Credit cards also offer you reward points on every transaction which you can redeem for gift vouchers from your favourite brands. Lastly UPI can be used only within India but credit cards can be used globally. With all these advantages, using the SURE credit card is a better way to spend – convenient, safe, and assured rewards. every time you transact.

With traditional financial institutions it might be difficult to get a credit card, especially if you are not a salaried employee. However, SURE is on a mission to provide a credit card to every Indian. As long as you use any bank account and have a PAN card, you can get SURE credit credit. If you don’t have a credit history you will start with a lower limit, but can get a credit card for SURE.

You are right to be skeptical about credit card fees. Some credit cards have joining fees, renewal fees and other hidden fees. However, SURE credit card will not have fees.

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