SURE Credit Card Eligibility

SURE is on a mission to provide credit cards to every Indian. To do this we believe our application process has to be the simplest and have minimum eligibility criteria. This in turn helps you get a 100% guarantee and therefore, SURE ensures convenience in securing a credit card in addition to bringing the benefits and rewards of using credit cards to every eligible Indian. As may be known to you, each bank or credit card issuer has their own credit card eligibility criteria for the provision and issuance of credit cards to the customers. If the credit card eligibility criteria is not fulfilled by the applicants, their credit card application might be rejected by the card issuer. 

Moving away from the usual practice of checking the applicant’s credit history, SURE card strives to provide customers new to credit with a credit card too, on the condition that they fulfill some basic requirements. For customers who already have a credit history, the process is much easier and simpler. This is certain to raise why and how questions in the minds of customers applying for SURE credit card. To that end, here’s an explainer on how you can be eligible to secure the SURE credit card.

SURE Credit Card For Every Indian

If You Have A Credit History:  If you do have a credit history and a credit score, having used a credit card previously, it will be even more simpler and convenient for you to secure a credit card and complete the eligibility process. After having provided the basic details, SURE will check your credit history and score. If you have had no defaults in the past few years i.e. in the recent past, the credit card will be issued and the process will be completed. Even if you do have defaults in the recent past, SURE will help you with other options in that you can still secure a credit card with a fixed deposit.

If You Are New To Credit: Usually if you are applying for a credit card for the first time and therefore have no credit score and credit history, it becomes difficult for you to be eligible for securing a credit card because issuers provide you with a card based on your credit score and history. However, with SURE, applicants who are new to credit cards, for example students and housewives and therefore do not have a steady income source, can secure a credit card. After the application, you will have to provide basic details and will have to provide your consent to access alternate data. In addition to this, you will have to submit a family reference whose credit history and eligibility details will be run through. Once this is done, you will be issued a credit card with a small credit limit initially. In this manner, you can avoid the rejections that you might have to face for credit card applications due to lack of credit history.

Following are the credit card eligibility criteria you will need to fulfill if you are new to credit and wish to secure SURE credit card.

  • Age of the applicant must be 18 and above 
  • Applicant must be a Pan card holder
  • Applicant must complete the e-KYC process
  • Applicant must provide consent via RBI’s new account aggregator framework
  • Applicants must be an account holder in any bank and maintain an average monthly account balance of Rs. 10000 and conduct at least 4 transactions a month from that account.
  • Applicants, if they are not earning at present , for example students or housewives must consent to provide family references to secure the credit card.

To comprehend the above two scenarios in a better way, you can go through the diagrammatic representation of the process below and understand the eligibility process clearly.

SURE Credit Card Approval Process


How Does SURE Provide 100% Approval Guarantee?

The credit card eligibility criteria for SURE card has been set at a basic standard in that there are no extravagant minimum income and professional requirements. However, there are some mandatory criteria that have to be fulfilled by you as an applicant to ensure the age and identity of the credit card applicants. Following are the simple credit card eligibility criteria that have to be met to secure a SURE credit card.

Transparency in Credit Card Eligibility

If you do not have a steady income at present and still want to secure a credit card to manage your finances, SURE card simplifies the approval process in that you can fulfill the credit card eligibility and use the card. This is because SURE understands the fact that you might have to manage finances even if you do not earn at present. Therefore, SURE helps you secure a credit card even without an income. In the scenario that you have a credit history, the process becomes even easier and favorable to you.

By doing so, SURE makes it possible and even simple for you to meet the credit card eligibility criteria, just by fulfilling basic requirements like proof of identity and age and thus provides a 100% approval guarantee to users who meet the age criteria and can keep the account active by conducting the minimum transaction standard set by SURE. By doing so, SURE introduces transparency in the approval process and provides the convenience and simplicity of its approval process to the customers, removing obstacles related to the credit card eligibility criteria. 

If you have read this article till the end, we’re sure you are eligible for SURE credit card. If so, this is your chance to apply!