Best Credit Card in India

SURE aims to be the best credit card in India. While our features and benefits may evolve over time, at the core we will always be consumer-centric. Your suggestions and feedback will always be welcome.

We believe in simplicity. We hate hidden fees and charges. We love continuous communications. 

Below are some of the features and benefits that will make SURE an all purpose credit card.

100% Approval, SURE

Wondering how can we provide 100% approval for a credit card? We ask WHY NOT?

We take the leap of faith in young Indians. Everyone 18+ with PAN card and bank account will be able to apply for SURE card. Students, housewives, salaried, self-employed – every Indian citizen no matter where you live, can get the SURE credit card.

Minimum income and credit score is not required. If you are new to the world of credit cards, we will help you get started with a smaller credit limit. If you are a pro credit card user, we will try to match your existing credit limits.

The only exemption for the approval are the people who are defaulters. In such cases, we can try to provide secured credit card with a fixed deposit in our partner bank.

No Fees, SURE

Just like you we think fees are complicated. SURE credit card will not have any joining fees or annual fees. It will be a lifetime free credit card.

Other credit card companies provide complicated features to confuse you and extract fees. SURE will keep things simple and straightforward. For example we will disable ATM cash withdrawals by default and hence there will be no “cash advance fees”.  We will decline over-limit transactions and hence there will be no “over limit fees”. If you need to spend over the limit you can make an advance payment to your credit card account, which will automatically increase the limit.

We believe in transparency and there will not be any hidden fees.

Rewards, SURE

Rewards is one of the major reasons credit cards are popular. For every Rs.100 you spend with SURE credit card you earn 10 reward points. There will be no exclusions and no limits to how many points you can collect. Each reward point will be valued at 1/10th of a rupee. You can redeem the reward points for gift vouchers, merchandise and more.

SURE is also giving away millions of points to early members. You get 100 points when join and 100 points for every friend you bring onboard SURE. It literally pays to have more friends!

Interest Free, SURE

We would like you to think of SURE as postpaid service like your internet or electricity provider. You always consume these services, a bill is raised every month and then you pay the bill with a due date – interest free.

Similarly, as long as you pay SURE the full amount due by time, there won’t be any interest at all. We will send you multiple reminders to pay on time. Optionally, you can also setup automatic debits from your bank accounts which will make the payment without even you having to lift a finger!

Privacy & Safety, SURE

Privacy & Safety is at the core of everything we do at SURE. We will always use encrypted systems to store data. You can always manage the card at your fingertips, set limits or block it instantly.

We will not sell your data ever. We will not even track your purchase history in the name of fancy reports.

We believe in “inbound” principles and word of mouth referrals. You get SURD card or services when you choose it on your own. SURE will never make pestering sales calls and upsells.

Fraud Protection, SURE

Increased digital usage has also resulted in increased frauds. UPI, debit cards are directly linked to your bank account and you are at risk of loosing all your savings money.

Credit card is a separate instrument and offers way more protection. Merchants that accept credit card undergo due diligence and typically in business for a long term. If you pay with credit card, you can get your money bank if the merchant does not deliver the promised product or service. The onus of proof, liability is with merchant and not the consumer.

All you have to do is submit an online chargeback form and we will deal with the fraudsters for you, returning the money to you!

Global Acceptance, SURE

Shop anywhere whether it is offline or online, India or abroad. SURE Credit Card will be accepted worldwide.

Human Support, SURE

We will always have real people to help you over chat, email or phone with a transparent escalation matrix. Any assurance will be in writing.

SURE is in very early stage and our offerings may evolve by the time we launch a credit card.
We would love your suggestions and feedback.

Join the SURE community and together we can create the best credit card of India.

We are giving away
millions of points 
to early members.

Be an early member and grab 1000's of points.