The SURE Card

SURE card is an idea of simple credit card for every India.

The evolution of banking as API’s have now enabled fintech startups to launch consumer credit card products.

A credit card product involves users and issuers. Issuers have always been skeptical about those who are new to credit. But they are also interested in a large customer base.

Our innovation with SURE lies in our incentive system which encourages early adoption, and rewards for each and every subsequent participant over time. If we all drive toward success as a collective group of innovators, there will be nothing stopping us in bringing about significant advancements in the way we pay for things!

Joining SURE

Why not? It’s free and safe. All you need to provide is your name and email. We will never spam you or sell your data. If SURE doesn’t succeed, we will erase all user data.

The earlier you join, the higher your reward. We believe that SURE will overcome the main barrier of critical mass to negotiate a better credit card offering.

We keep all of your data safe and won’t share it with others. We will use our aggregate data to approach prospective partners for SURE members. We may send occasional email updates on the progress of our negotiations. If SURE is not successful, we will delete all stored data. You can read more on our Privacy Policy page.

Email confirmation helps ensure that accounts are created by real people and not bots. If you don’t confirm your email, it will eventually be deleted from the system and your account will not be activated or eligible for rewards.

You may only open one SURE account, using your true details. Providing fake details, details of another person, or opening multiple accounts will result in the removal of all accounts and their point balances.

Signup and Invitations

Not receiving emails is often due to misspelling your email or your spam filter settings. Sometimes our emails are delayed by your email service provider.

We suggest:
* Checking spam/junk folders.
* Signing up again using the same email spelled correctly (if you misspelled your email address).
* Using a different email address.

There are a few reasons that could lead to login problems.
* You did not complete the signup process.
* You deleted your own account.
* You are using the wrong email address or you misspelled your email address (even periods make a difference: [email protected] is not the same as [email protected]).
*You entered the wrong password (click “forgot password” to set up a new password).

To invite friends and get more points, log into surecard.in and share your unique invite link. Note: You will get points after the person who invited you has verified their account email.

There are a few possible reasons:
* Only a limited number of friends can use your link at a time.
*  Each member has a limited number of invites. If you’ve run out of invites, you can refer them to a mutual friend.
* Make sure that you shared your own unique referral link, not the one you used to sign up. The link you used to sign up belongs to your inviter, so if you share that link, your inviter will receive points from your friends instead of you.

There are a few reasons you might be experiencing issues with inviting others to join SURE. Make sure that you shared your own unique referral link, not the one you initially used to sign up. The link you used to sign up belongs to your inviter, so if you share that link, your inviter will receive points from your friends instead of you. Make sure that your friends actually signed up with a valid email address. Unconfirmed emails do not get points and are automatically removed from the system.

An account can be closed by sending an email to [email protected]
All data will be erased, and we will not be able to restore it under any circumstances.

Please note that once you close your account you will lose any points associated with that account, and you will no longer be able to invite friends from that account.

Reward Points

When you register, a certain number of points are allocated for you. These reward points serve as incentive to join, and you will gradually be able to redeem them after SURE card becomes active.

The greatest challenge in creating a new product is how to convince everyone— users and partners — to join when the startup is still small. Providing high points rewards for those signing up early overcomes this concern, and will allow us to launch a credit card that is ahead of anything available today.

Joining after the SURE has been widely adopted requires little external motivation, since once the adoption challenge is solved people will value the better technology, convenience and cost. Signing up after millions have joined is also an easy decision, since you already know there’s a good chance the project will succeed, and the reward will become valuable. But joining at the very early stages requires real vision and foresight. We want to compensate our members accordingly.

You received 100 points when you signup and another 100 points once you upload your real photo to your profile.

If you a refer a friend, both of you will receive 100 points each when your friend joins.

You also get 100 points on every anniversary of your signup. Joining early has its perks!

SURE points are not currently for sale. We plan to allow redemption once the credit card product is live.


Once the system is functional, the SURE points reserved for you will be released gradually, and you will then be able to use them for gift vouchers, merchandise and more.

The SURE points will be useable once you get SURE credit card. We may however, open up points usage even before that for SURE merchandise and exclusive partner offers.

SURE Timeline

At this stage, points are only being reserved, and cannot be used. If SURE card becomes reality, points are expected to be worth approximately 1 rupee per 10 points. We guarantee this conversion once the card becomes a reality.

SURE needs many committed users to ensure a meaningful number of users, financial and reward partners. If a critical mass is not reached, the project may not go forward. Because the rewards are of value only after system is functional, it is in everyone’s interest to get others to join.