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Since the launch of our website on 15th August 2021, we have been receiving an influx of waitlist signups. We have also been receiving very positive feedback from the community and users simply love the concept of SURE card. Our members have been spreading the word about SURE and we are making it even more exciting to refer a friend.

SURE is introducing a referral program for all its members and granting 100 points for every friend who joins the waitlist. It is commonplace to talk about any product that you love with your friends and eventually refer the same to them. But with the introduction of the referrals feature, there is an added advantage of earning SURE points when you do so. The only precondition to this is ensuring that you refer SURE to your friends through a personalized referral link provided to you. Therefore, just copying and sending the personalized link makes you and your friend eligible for 100 referral bonus points each.

How Does Referral Rewards Work?

Referrals are a great way to let your friend know about the SURE credit card and be recognized as an early adopter of new products. SURE provides bonus points for friend referrals in that if you are already a SURE member, you can refer SURE card to your friend and earn those 100 bonus points. The friend who uses your referral link to sign up also gets rewarded 100 bonus points for the same. However, an important point to remember here is that the friend has to necessarily sign up through the referral link sent by you, thus ensuring 100 points each to both at the same time. This will be received only if the process is duly completed and the friend has also verified their email id and created a profile.

Credit Card Referral Dashboard
SURE Credit Card Referral Dashboard

Steps to Invite a Friend

A friend referral for SURE can be made using a unique link that is personalized for you. This can be copied and shared via any social media communication channel, SMS or WhatsApp. SURE also lets you send out email invites to your friend with a customized message along with the referral link. To simplify the process further, below are the steps you need to follow to earn the referral points.

  • The first step involves visiting the website and signing up, thus creating an account on SURE. The registration, verification and activation of the account earns you 100 points.
  • Once this is done, you can complete your profile and put up a profile picture which means that you earn an additional 100 points.
  • After signing up, you will be able to see an ‘Invite Your Friends’ option with a unique referral link below it.
  • The link can be copied and shared via any social media site so that both you and your friend receive 100 points each. However, the 100 points will only be provided once your friend signs up through the referral link and activates their account with email verification.
  • You can also send in the link via email by clicking on your username on the upper right-hand side. Once the drop-down menu appears, you can click on email invites and fill in the friend’s name and email id. The message can be customized and sent along with the unique referral link to their email id.
SURE Credit Card Referral Stats

Benefits of Inviting Your Friends to SURE

  • The first advantage of using the Friends Referral option provided by SURE are the 100 bonus points provided to both you and your friend once the latter activates their account.
  • There are always if and buts attached to credit card referrals in that the user only gets bonus points if the credit card for their friend gets approved. However, with SURE providing 100% approval guarantee, this also assures every SURE member of 100 points for every referral made and the same for every signup through the referral link. 
  • SURE cards are a beneficial deal for your friends with no hassles like annual fees or joining fees, thus making the process simpler and convenient for the friends that you refer the card to. 
  • Apart from the bonus referral points received by the friend once they use the link, register themselves and activate their account, they also get additional 100 points for signing up and another 100 for uploading their profile picture.
  • You can redeem your reward points for gift vouchers from BookMyShow, TataCliq, Yatra and more.

Therefore, the SURE referral program will prove to be a favorable one for both the existing members and the ones who join through these referrals. Inviting your friend is a sure shot and simple way to earn bonus points without the usual concerns over approval and benefits to the referee. Start referring SURE to your friends today!

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