Central SBI Select Card

State Bank of India has launched the Central SBI Select Card by partnering with the Central Retail stores that are owned by the Future Group. Therefore, in applying for the Central SBI Select Card, customers can get bonus reward points for every purchase that they make at these central retail stores. This applies even for dining and for buying movie tickets. In addition to this, the card holders get gift vouchers once they join the card membership. The Central SBI Select Card, therefore, proves to be a great one for the shoppers.

  • Sure Card
  • Central SBI Select Card
Features Sure CardCentral SBI Select Card
EligibilityEveryone 18+Must be between 21-70 years old. Good credit score and no recent default payments. Must submit required identification proof along with documents.
Approval100%Not guaranteed, not transparent
Joining FeesNILRs. 885(Rs. 750 + 18% GST)
Annual FeesNILRs. 885(Rs. 750 + 18% GST)
Interest Rate10-14%Upto 3.50% per month (42% per annum)
Cash Advance FeeNo Cash Advance2.5% of the amount withdrawn; minimum of Rs. 500
Over-limit ChargesNo over-limit transactions2.5% of the overlimit amount; minimum of Rs. 600
Late payment chargesNILFrom Rs.0 to Rs.500 - Nil More than Rs.500 up to Rs.1,000 - Rs.400 More than Rs.1,000 up to Rs.10,000 - Rs.750 More than Rs.10,000 up to Rs.25,000 - Rs.950 More than Rs.25,000 up to Rs.50,000 - Rs.1,100 More than Rs.50,000 - Rs.1,300
Card replacement feeNILRs.100/- to Rs. 250/-
Fuel SurchargeNIL1% of purchase amount
Foreign Currency TransactionNIL 3.50%
Minimum Amount DuePay in Full5% of total outstanding amount Minimum of Rs.200 + applicable taxes
Rewards10 points for every Rs.100/- transaction for everyone, everywhere.1 select point = Rs. 0.25 10 select points per Rs. 100 spent on any Central store. 5 select points per Rs. 100 on dining and movies. 1 select point per Rs. 100 on other retail spends (except fuel) Central e-gift vouchers worth Rs. 750 and complimentary m-coupons worth Rs. 250 each for the first three months on payment of joining fees.
Referral RewardYesYes, but subject to approval
Anniversary RewardYesNo
Birthday RewardYesNo
ChargebackSimple online formMail printed and signed form with required documents.
Privacy and SecurityYour data is not used and not soldContactless Transactions
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Central SBI Select Card vs. SURE Card

The Central SBI Select Card provides milestone benefits worth Rs. 2000 on annual spends greater than or equal to Rs. 3 lakhs. On annual spends of Rs. 75,000, 2000 select points, on spends of Rs. 1,50,000, 6000 select points  and on spends of Rs. 3,00,000, 8000 select points  will be rewarded. There is also the renewal benefit of 3000 select points worth Rs. 750 on renewal fee payment and annual spends of Rs. 75,000. 

The Central SBI Select Card ensures that the frequent shoppers are provided with discounts and can shop in a very convenient and easy manner. However, the card can enable people who tend to shop more often and can be utilized in the best possible manner at Central stores or entertainment purposes like dining and movies. SURE Card, on the other hand, provides 10 reward points for every Rs. 100 spent on any sort of purchase anywhere, thus not limited itself to a specific category.Centra

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