Celebrate Republic Day With Financial Freedom

The significance of Republic Day is highlighted by the fact that the Constitution of India was enforced on 26th January, 1950. This ensured the transition of India as a nation to a republic and a sovereign state, free from British colonial rule. Therefore, this day represents the first step that the nation took as a sovereign state, paving the way for freedom in all spheres for the country, like financial freedom.

India has taken a leap ahead since 1950 and gained freedom not just externally but in several aspects internal to the nation as well. One of these internal freedoms is the freedom to be financially independent i.e. financial freedom for its citizens. As has been highlighted before, India embraced its freedom in entirety only when it was declared a republic on 26th January 1950, celebrated as ‘Republic Day’ all over the nation since. In a similar manner, when it comes to the financial facet, actual freedom is attained not when you start earning, but when you begin managing your finances in a responsible manner.


Financial Freedom

When it comes to financial independence, SURE can assist you in gaining freedom from concerns related to financial management. Here’s how SURE Credit Card can be your go to tool for achieving financial discipline and freedom.

  • Tracking Your Monthly Expenses

One of the primary benefits that you get when you use your credit card for making purchases is that you can carry a record of your spending and transactions. This can be a help in the management of expenses. The monthly expenses made on a credit card can be monitored and tracked and can be secured with ease from the credit card bill statement or on your demand.

  • Payments for Basic and Steady Expenses

Your credit card can come in handy in times when your income sees fluctuations and you do not have a steady source of income. Therefore, in such times when income may be unpredictable, credit cards can help you out with your basic monthly expenses. This can be applicable to expenses like rent, fees, fuel and grocery spends etc. that remain the same each month. When you use your credit card for these steady expenses, you free up the rest of your income for other purchases and expenses that need to be attended to. In addition to this, when you use your credit card for these expenses, you also get rewards and reward points, providing you with additional benefits on your basic needs.

  • Provides Assistance with Urgent Needs

Credit cards can be of great help for meeting unforeseen or urgent needs and expenses like medical assistance. Credit cards can provide a safe and reliable solution for these types of expenses that need to be accounted for immediately. They can rescue you from concerns about expenses that arise unexpectedly and without any warning.

  • Inculcates Financial Discipline in Users

When you use a credit card, you have the opportunity to build a good credit history and credit score for yourself, thus instilling financial discipline during the process. This is because disciplined use of credit is rewarded with a good credit score, identifying you as a creditworthy user. Financial discipline and a good credit score can help you get credit with better interest rates that can be useful in endeavors like starting a business, making a big ticket purchase etc.

  • Convenience in Making Payments

When you carry a credit card with you, it can be swiped at any retailer and your transaction will be processed successfully, thus making payments convenient for you. Even when shopping online, credit cards can be used in a safe and easy manner and many retailers may also offer discounts against purchases made using credit cards.

A majority of people believe that they have attained financial freedom just by earning a steady income on a monthly basis. However, real financial freedom is achieved by the management of all your finances in a disciplined, organized and systematic manner. This eventually ensures that you are free from unnecessary and consistent concerns regarding the household and other expenses, urgent and unexpected spendings, uncertainty regarding the payments of expenses etc. Therefore, this Republic Day, take your first step towards financial freedom and sign up with SURE Credit Card to make the best out of your finances and optimize your spendings further.

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