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Every other credit card company in the market wants you to buy now and pay later, and earn the interest accrued by late payment. They want you to spend more than your earnings; WE DO NOT. We want you to spend responsibly and pay the full dues, on time, every month.

We previously wrote why we selected the idea of a Credit Card.

We would like you to think of a credit card like a postpaid service like your internet, electricity and other utility bills. You always consume these services, a bill is raised every month and then you pay the bill with a due date.
Even you company pays your salary once a month and you too can combine all you payments together into one payment per month.

Why not use UPI ?

We are glad you asked.
We love UPI as much as you do. It’s a great Indian innovation for peer to peer payment. However you cannot use UPI internationally.

UPI is directly linked to your bank account. If you give an OTP to a fraudster by mistake you lose money and it is very difficult to get it back.

In case of payments failures it might take days or weeks to get your money back to your account. In the meantime since the money is debited from the account, you might not have enough extra money to pay again. It is also difficult to get support for such issues.

UPI also requires a mobile app and internet (though not a deal breaker these days).

UPI transaction will make a debit entry in your bank statement. Imagine paying Rs.10 twice a day for tea and you will have 60 transactions in your account statement. This also makes it difficult to notice hidden/error charges by banks.

Lastly, you can still use UPI to make once combine payment to credit card every month

Why not use a debit card?

Did you know your bank might be charging you an annual fee for your debit card?
Some banks also charge you for SMS alerts.

The biggest reason to avoid a debit card is for security reasons.
If you lose your debit card, someone can withdraw money from your account.

We have seen our friends opening up additional bank accounts and keeping very small amounts to use a debit card.
Why take all that hassle?

Buy Now Pay Monthly with SURE Credit Card

We have already debunked myths about credit card on our homepage.

Credit cards are the safest way to make digital payments. They are independent from your account.
Further, you can raise a dispute for any fraudulent charges and get your money back.
You can use the ‘chargeback’ process to get your money back when someone fails to deliver a product or service – this is not possible in an UPI or debit card transaction.

SURE Credit Card will not have any joining fees, annual fees or hidden fees – ever.

You can use the SURE Credit Card for all your transactions and pay the credit card bill on time – there will be no charges.
Generally you get 15 days time from bill generation to payment date, but you don’t have to wait. You can pay in advance or just pay immediately when the bill is generated.

SURE will also have a real human support, whenever you need.

You will not pay a single rupee extra for using the SURE Credit Card, instead get a lot back in rewards.

SURE credit card guarantees reward points for every transaction.
There is no guess work and no scratch cards. You can use these points to redeem for gift vouchers and merchandise from your favourite brands.

Start your SURE journey by joining the community today.

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